Sports Draws



Sport is an important aspect of school life and community involvement for our tamariki. Through this, they learn about team participation, the feeling of success, and the disappointment of loss. At Poroutawhao School we provide a range of sporting options from year 1 through to year 8. It is through the hard work of teachers and parents that we have seen success in a number of sports and helped some of our students achieve representative level in their chosen sport.  We are especially proud of our results in hockey where we continue to achieve well above the size of our school. We have our own hockey turf at the school that the children can use at lunchtime and is available for training.  We have recently completed the replacement of our hard-court which is used for netball and basketball.  The replacement project was completed under budget due to the support of our community. The intention is that this leads to increased participation in hardcourt sports. 

Ag. Day 

Our annual Lamb & Calf day will be held on a Saturday* in November of each year.  This event is open to the public and all families are welcome to attend.  Not only is there judging during the course of the morning, there are also displays and awards from the baking and crafts judging that takes place on the Friday prior.

This years Ag. Day is on Saturday, November 13th.


There are a range of things to see and do on the day, including:

  • Recycled art

  • Baking displays

  • Calf and yearling judging

  • Lamb and kid judging

  • Hot food and drinks available

  • Hamper raffle

  • Lolly jar

  • Family entertainment 


Key information about the judging process can be found below. If you or your children are entering any of these categories please ensure you understand the expectations. 


2019 saw us return to having calves and yearlings presented at school. This was done with a biosecurity plan that restricted access to these animals on the day and controlled their movements. This helps to protect our local farms from the spread of the MPB disease which, although harmless to humans, has huge negative effects to farm production.