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Starting at Poroutawhao School

We welcome children from outside our zone.


MISSION STATEMENT - “To provide opportunities for all students to develop attitudes, skills, and knowledge to be lifelong learners


Poroutawhao School is a full primary state school. The roll fluctuates between 100 and 120 students. We operate four multi-level classes from Year 0 to Year 8. There are five permanent teaching positions, including a Deputy Principal. The staff also includes a permanent part-time Office Manager, a Caretaker, and a Cleaner and two teacher aides.


Poroutawhao School has almost three times the area of other schools per student so there is no shortage of space  for students to learn and play.

The school's catchment area includes the surrounding district from Moutua-Foxton to the north, State Highway 1/Kawiu Road to the south, including the settlement of Poroutawhao, and west to Waitārere Beach.

We welcome students from outside this area. This is in accordance with the Ministry of Education's enrolment scheme guidelines. There is a bus that picks up and drops off children from Levin and Waitarere.


We currently have places across the school available, particularly in the junior area, so there would be not need for a ballot. If you are not sure if you are in zone or would like help with the pre-enrolment form, please contact the office. We would be very happy to help you. Our Principal LOVES showing new friends around the school, just ring the office on 06 368 6015 or email

Alternatively, you can fill out this Online Pre Enrolment Form and if there are more places available than enrolments for the ballot we will be in touch to offer you a place. Once a place is accepted we will invite you for classroom visits a few weeks before your child is due to start. We also like to visit your child at their early childhood centre so they feel comfortable with us before they start.

If a ballot is required, we follow the Ministry of Educations procedure, as outlined HERE.


Phone: (06) 368 6015 or email:

New Entrants

The new entrant class is a 'reception' class, where the numbers will be kept small as children start school, and need a calm relationships focused environment. Once they have settled, feel safe, know how school works and have the foundation social and academic skills for success at school, they then 'graduate' into the Year One class.


This will be a small, calm relationships based start to school with an Maria Montessori's guiding principles. Moving to the Year 1 class will be based on the child's readiness and confidence to do so. 

If you know any whanau that would like to join our small reception class, it would be great to hear from you/them now, so we can plan appropriately for visits in your children's best interests.

Here is a link to further information.

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