Team Poutama

We are a group of awesome Year 3, 4 and 5 students. Our teachers are Mrs Nicky Jeffries and Miss Kirstin McKenzie.

Home Learning
Children are encouraged to continue their learning at home.

Children are able to access their school work from their google account where they can continue to complete work that they have done in class. Ask them to share their work with you, by sharing to your email account. From this you can access the work and leave some feedback for your child. The children enjoy receiving feedback from their family (even from Granny who lives at the bottom of the South Island as long as she has an gmail account). If you need some help to set up a gmail account, come in and see us.
Some ways that you can support your child is to encourage them to read books that they enjoy regularly at night. Ask questions about the books to encourage them to comprehend the text.
Children should be practicing knowing their basic facts recall for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for a quick response time.
Encourage your child to play outside doing things like skipping, hopping, passing and catching a ball, shooting a hoop and general fitness activities.
We ask that you encourage your child to practice the school values by participating in daily family life by helping a younger sibling, cooking, cleaning and just generally being considerate.

All children have a copy of "A Million Pages" that they can fill out showing the number of pages that they read each night. You can then go to Te Takere and look at how many pages our children have read compared to other schools in town.
Pobble365 is a wonderful site that your child can go to each day to find inspiration to create a story. There are many pictures for choice.

Remember to give your child opportunities to write. Some ideas for writing are shopping lists, emails, letters to relatives and friends etc.

The children also have access to Studyladder where they can practice a number of literacy skills. All of the children's usernames and passwords are glued into the back of their spelling notebook.

Make sure you read for a minimum of 15 minutes each night.
If you don't have a good book, check these websites out:

Your child is using a site called Epic for reading. If you would like them to have access at home, please send us your email address so that we can log them in for home access.
Our focus this term in numeracy is developing fractions knowledge. The children will be developing strategies for solving problems involving proportions and ratios.

Here are some good websites to practise a number of skills:

Have a go at coding: