Learning at Poroutawhao

At Poroutawhao School we value student happiness, a sense of belonging and positive behaviors. We expect students to look for ways to extend themselves, to accept challenges and to see failures not as a negative but as part of the process of learning. This, we believe, underpins positive learning experiences and student desire to extend themselves and become contributing members of society. 

Based on Ministry of Education research and lots of professional development, Poroutawhao School has embarked on a journey of change. 

We are giving our tamariki more input into their daily and weekly schedules.  They have greater choice about when and what they do, within a defined framework.  Our students are learning to manage their time and their learning while being closely monitored by teachers and peers.

Technology has really helped to enable some of the changes within our school.  We run almost the entire school from the cloud on the Google platform.  Our students can easily access their learning wherever they are, whenever they want.  Students are able progress their class work from home and continue to collaborate with their peers and teachers even when they aren't in the classroom.  Parents and whanau can easily view student work and even participate in commenting and reviewing work online.  We are using the Google platform to support our teaching staff with real-time collaboration and dashboards that assist with overall student monitoring.

We have clear policies for computer use at the school and this, combined with appropriate technology, help to keep our students safe on the internet.

 To support these changes in teaching and learning we are modernising our learning spaces.  Our senior classes no longer have desks, instead they have couches, benches, tables, and bean bags.  These provide flexible options for the students to use the various spaces to support their learning.

The senior learning space was completed in 2018.  We have taken the time to consider how we can provide a more modern learning environment within this block, with learning spaces available for breakout groups.  Feedback from both teachers and students on this new space has been very positive. 

The next phase of this process is due to begin in 2020 with the rest of the main block modernisation. This will include breakout learning spaces as well as lighting and acoustics conducive to better learning outcomes.

Sounds a bit radical? Not quite how it was when you went to school? Want to know more? Book a time to come and see us in action. We'd love to show you around.

Some interesting background reading relating to our changes include;