Google Drive

Our school is now operating on a platform that is entirely hosted in the cloud.  The issues of the past with desktops and laptops not working or having the wrong version are gone.  All of the children's online work is available through the cloud, anywhere, anytime.

The amount of work that the children complete using devices varies as to the class they are in and the current focus in the classroom.  If you wish to view your children's online work then you have a few options.

Option 1: ask your child to login from home and show you.
Each child has a login that is accessible from home and school.  Using your home computer or device, navigate to Google Drive and complete the login steps using your child's email and password.

Option 2: have your child give you access to their drive.
This is performed by your child logging into their Drive and then selecting to share specific folders or files.  The screen shots below show this in Google Drive.

1. After logging into Drive using your child's account, for the particular folder or file you wish to access, right click with your mouse, or press and hold on your device, then select Share.
2. Enter your email address and set the permission level to edit or view.  If you wish to collaborate with your child and help review their work then you will need edit permissions.

3. Click the done button, this will send an invitation email to your email account.  Follow the steps in the email to confirm your access.